What is a #4WeekProject?

What is a #4WeekProject?

A lot of us have the urge to want to learn or do new things. But we've all been in this situation where you did not feel like you wanted to keep working on something. After thinking about how to drive ourselves to finish our projects we came up with three key points:

  1. Set small goals. When learning new things it may be tempting to think of all the possibilities and try to do them all. The thing is... it's a new thing. We don't know anything about it yet! Picking a small goal can give you the peace of mind of having a clear and reachable target.
  2. Proudly display your achievements. You learned a new thing! Show it off! Yeah of course you may not be the best at it yet but you sure as hell aren't the worst!
  3. Learn together. There are about 8 billion people in the world. Surely you aren't the only one trying to learn your specific thing? And even if you are, maybe other people are interested in following what you're doing. Learning together is just so much more fun.

So what we came up with is the #4WeekProject. A short format to learn a new thing. It is really simple. You come up with a plan for each of the next four weeks to reach some goal at the end of the project. You can optionally share this plan with people through any blog or social media. Then every week you share an update on your progress.

Luca and I have recently started our first #4WeekProject so if you're looking for some inspiration you can take a look.


Who can do a #4WeekProject?

Anyone! All you need is a plan. And if you don't have a plan, just come hang out in the Discord and maybe we can help you come up with one.

How do I join?

There are two ways to join us with your #4WeekProject. You can either get in touch with us to get an account and post your project updates on this website. Or simply post your updates to twitter using the #4WeekProject hashtag.

I don't like to write blog posts.

That's okay. We do! If you would like any help writing your posts, just get in touch. We can probably write and publish your updates or help you with some supporting graphics. We'll just learn new things with you!